Cambridge Girl Talk is an empowering student-led platform which celebrates women’s words, achievements and art, through social media, events and a virtual magazine.  Girl Talk was launched in 2016 by former students Alina Khakoo and Kitty Grady as a space for self-identifying women to share stories, connect with each other and champion womanhood in all its forms.  Whether astrophysics, activism or ankle boots, Girl Talk is about bringing women into dialogue, and providing the inspiration and tools to spark change.

Our online magazine includes articles on current issues, creative writing, interviews and conversations, personal reflections and artwork.  In essence, the writing on Girl Talk’s website aims to represent the women who read it.  It provides a space for the narratives which are often left out of the mainstream media and encourages all women to share their voices, learn about themselves and find the confidence to speak out.

Girl Talk’s past events have included art exhibitions displaying female work, craft nights, and talks with speakers such as Pandora Sykes, Jane Garvey, Ellie Pithers, and Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh.