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Lexi Covalsen, Managing Director

Hey y’all! I’m Lexi. I’m an English student at St. John’s and the managing director of Girl Talk. It’s my job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that Girl Talk remains true to its mission of bringing women and those who experience misogyny together to celebrate our writing, achievements, and art. I can’t wait to see what we’ll all accomplish this year!

Eleanor Antoniou, Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Eleanor, the current editor of Girl Talk. I run the website, and edit and publish all of the articles. I’m so excited to read your work this year! I’m studying Classics at Magdalene, and at the moment I’m writing about Sylvia Plath for my dissertation, whose work I adore!

Anya Gardner-Mohammed, Secretary

Hey! I’m Anya, the current secretary for CGT. I’m a second year English student at Queens’ College. My role is mainly sending out emails, taking minutes for our meetings and making sure there is clear communication in our team. I’m so excited to get started and see you all at our upcoming events!

Audrey Lim, Resident Artist

Hiya! I’m Audrey, the artist in residence for Girl Talk and a second year economics students at Emmanuel. I’ve just started trying out digital art this term and have been experimenting a lot with colour! I’m very excited to contribute all things creative to the website.

Ellie Austin, Events Officer

Hello!! I’m Ellie, the events officer for Girl Talk and a third year natural scientist (specialising in earth sciences/cool rocks) at Clare. I’ll be the one behind the scenes organising Girl Talk’s speaker panels, art exhibitions, picnics and the like! Can’t wait to meet you all at some fun and interesting events!

Caitlin Judd, Publicity Officer

Hi! I’m Caitlin, a second-year English student at King’s and the publicity officer for Girl Talk this year. I run the socials and help to advertise the events that we’re all super excited to be running this year!

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Juliette Guéron-Gabrielle, Columnist

Hi! I’m Juliette and I’m the columnist for Cambridge Girl Talk. I study history and politics at Selwyn. I’m so excited for the year to come and to contribute pieces to the blog.