By Arshia Katyal

Support may flow perennially 

Oh, we may never want for it to stop 

Love may flow maniacally

Oh, we may never want for it to haunt 

But when I wake one day, 

And find my agency missing 

When I grow aware, 

Of you and your dismissing

When you attempt to correct my actions,

because they don’t follow your course 

When you take my act of defiance, 

not as a journey to my freedom, 

but your prison sentence

 When you attempt to influence me 

to do your bidding, and how so

When your red marks only mean to critique and ignore 

all bouts of growth 

When you deemed my disagreement as incorrect, and not worthy of your time 

When your shoulder so cold, froze me to death

Only to be resurrected with false promises 

When I woke then my eyes were closed, 

The river flowed 

But now when I wake, I see you for who you are 

Nothing but a machine that controls 

Nothing but a devil so cold.

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