By Alessandra Rey

thread the soft singing string through my everlasting ring

i promise you and you promise me everything

your ear to my beating heart, hugged in satin: oyster-pearl

i hear my native tongue sung, the glistening flicker of the girl

with every battle won, the light was shone by her

nights mascara run, she was seen through the blur

shivering hand held, entwined, stay with me now –

right by my side

bambi eyes slip opal tears, carriages pulling paralleling fears

daisy chain: 

let my rain wash away your pain


your halo glowing golden, a glistening sister soul

hugging jigsaw pieces, together, making me whole

cold wall tethered is the ivy, binding you and me

swinging sturdy vines shooting upwards alongside

forever the wails of a beaten hysteria: i wail with you

wrapped warm in lilac blankets of wisteria

talk of grapes and wine: whispers and the lies


from you i know it to be true

leaning woeful willow branches, i bend: grab them

scars of the woman, carried and wrapped in cotton linen

unparalleled connection, the divine female reflection

support, affection and kind protection

how good it is to be seen: building each others garlands

all the queens: you mean everything to me.

females embroidering the others’ flower crowns

building bricks for the house, not tearing them down.

sister vows of solidarity and secrets shared: the hours spent

never to scorn the friend: nothing is ever forgotten

linked locket the treasured pendant, the charm on every woven bracelet

angels whisper sitting on my frozen shoulder

sheltering in trenches, sitting on park benches

your war is mine: i’ll be your soldier

let not antiquated cliches sway the rose silk mind,

crease it or blind

history spits: i’ve received the seethe of she

but i’ve been clasped and clutched, defended and believed


graciously: the tree that speaks the spirit is just like me

falling freely dancing in the breeze, joined leaves

our gardens hosting planted evergreens

tears and fears wiped with handkerchiefs

chat chimed hymns drinking tea

i see you clearly because you are me

oh nature how you mother, how you tend

how your petals and your heart sew to mend

duty in the moon that kisses its stars

who heals their nightly secrets and her scars

and cheers and blesses the celestial friends

right to the very, very end.

Featured image credits: Pinterest

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