My week in doodles

Blanca Schofield-Legorburo 

When I was younger I would often doodle absent-mindedly, filling pages of workbooks and diaries and spending hours on different collages and flowers or decorated calligraphy, – an eclectic mix! Yet as is too often the case with getting older and feeling the pressure to tick all of the relevant boxes, to fill our time “productively”, these doodle-filled moments were cast aside.

Happily, though, I am learning to ignore that nagging feeling that bothers me whenever I take some time to myself, and have slowly but surely re-activated my doodling self. This new-found enthusiasm was spurred on by our collage nights last term, and then also with the idea given to me by Alice Tyrrell, playwright extraordinaire and creator of the Instagram account @alicedrawsdaily. When I surprised her with the request for a fun fact while on radio, Alice told me about her idea of drawing something every day of 2018 and how she had followed through with it; I felt really inspired to start this myself, as I have always thought of keeping a diary for moments, ideas or moods, or even for the vivid dreams that sometimes startle me in the night.

January 2019 has come to an end and I am really happy to report that I have kept up my daily doodles for the whole month! They are not sophisticated and coloured, nor are they works of extreme prowess or attention, but they do capture something of the days they represent and have helped me reconnect with the younger, more relaxed, day-dreaming me.

Thus, here is my Cambridge week 2 in doodles:















So there it is! My week 2 with rough, scrawled characters and figures – my week 2 in beloved doodles!

Cover image: my drawing for the last day of January 2019 – first day of week 3

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