Beginning of term playlist celebrating female artists

Cambridge Girl Talk committee

As term starts and we all begin to scurry around, socialising, working, getting into a routine, we in the Girl Talk committee decided that it would be a good idea to compile a playlist of songs by fem artists that we have relaxed and grooved to this summer. Never underestimate the importance of taking an hour for yourself every day to sit or dance and be, so as to ward off all that is overwhelming you. And while you are sitting or grooving, have a listen to these wonderful ladies who have blessed our airwaves and who help us feel and forget.

Writing about her first choice for this playlist, “La Luna” by Lucy Schwartz, our superwoman co-chair and head of admin Bea said, “I love this song because it reminds me of walking home on a warm soft evening.” In-keeping with this warmth, Bea also chose “If you’re gonna love somebody (acoustic)” by Jones and Florence and the Machine’s “South London forever”, keeping summer and nostalgia alive for a little longer this term.

Co-chair and blog editor Blanca’s first song, “I say a little prayer” by the queen Aretha Franklin who sadly passed away this summer, leaving a legacy of empowerment and amazing music, is a go to for any cloudy morning or any morning at all when you need some hope and joy. “My mum plays this every day and dances around the kitchen, so I just automatically feel uplifted and get a burst of love at the first sound of it. I can’t help but cry “I’m in love with youu”, trying to echo Aretha’s soul and filling my breakfast with emotions.” Blanca also hosts a CAMFM radio show, Chicas Chats n Choons, that plays only music by women and non-binary artists, and the other staple songs that she plays for energy in the morning are “Girls just want to have fun” (Cyndi Lauper) and “Talkin’ bout a revolution” by Tracy Chapman. “Any time that an essay crisis or a wave of insecurity brings you down in the morning, listen to these powerful women and remember that you will be okay!”

Julia, our blog subeditor, picked “Lagoon” by Laura Misch, saying, “I chose this one just because it was such a relaxing, chill summer tune, and I love the woodwind that accompanies her voice. The aesthetic is just amazing.” Julia also wanted “Words” by Naaz to be on the playlist because “the words of her lover are put at the centre of this song, and she talks about the way they’ve changed the way she sees the world which is very sweet and explores a connection different to a purely physical one – it’s like a meeting of two minds.” Talking about her third choice, “Focus” by H.E.R, Julia said, “this is slightly sadder, but it puts a feeling that a lot of women feel to music in a very beautiful, elegant way.”

Anna, our lovely artist in residence, chose two absolute classics that bring us all happiness– “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor for a boost into confidence and independence, and Francoise Hardy’s “Dis-lui non” for some of the same feelings but in a French mood. Bang them on and remember how strong you are!

Lissie, one of our events managers, selected four songs for various moods in summer. Patti Smith’s “Because the night” is the first on her list – “this summer I bought a Patti Smith album during a particularly rainy and unhappy day and then went home, put this song on and vented out all my feelings. This is the best song to shout in defiance of whatever is bringing you down.” In a different vibe, Lissie chose the everlasting “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, saying “nothing new, but in case you had forgotten about this wonderful, wonderful cover here is your reminder. The one to blast when you’re ecstatic, confused, despairing and everything in between.” Next up is “Crush” by Tessa Violet. “This silly happy pop song celebrates the giddy feeling of an early crush or a summer fling. It awakens the teenage girl in all of us we too often try and bury. Play it the next time you fall in love with a complete stranger in the library.” Finally, Lissie chose “Girlfriend / Damn, Dis moi” by Christine and the queens, “the perfect song to groove to in your room. Talking from a place of androgyny and female masculinity, this addictive French hit is a f**k you to any idea that a woman can’t be a confident, sexual and proud independent being.”

Our other events manager, Johanna’s songs are “Rain girl” by Yaeji, “Gucci Ice Cream” by Girls in the Yard and “Prayer song” by Noname. The first “because it’s a really serious club song when you first hear it but then you listen to the lyrics and realise it’s a massive meme – she is just a boss!” “Gucci Ice Cream” because she got obsessed with the show “Insecure” and especially the soundtrack which is full of these “no scrubs” type anthems. Finally, Johanna chose Noname because her new album is “FANTASTIC!”

So this is our beginning of term fem playlist – something for everyone and for every mood. Take some time for music and celebrate women with us!

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