We are looking for a new committee!

We are looking for a group of passionate self-identifying women to form our new committee.

If you are enthusiastic about bringing self-identifying women into dialogue, celebrating their achievements, and hosting inspirational and exciting events, then Cambridge Girl Talk is for you.

To apply, please take a look at the job descriptions and send an email to cambridgegirltalk@gmail.com explaining who you are, why you want to be part of Cambridge Girl Talk, and why you think you’re suited to the role. We cannot wait to hear from you!



The role of director is challenging but rewarding. It involves:

  • Organising and chairing regular Girl Talk committee meetings, to keep tabs on progress with upcoming events and blog content
  • Making executive decisions about the direction and running of the project as a whole
  • Ensuring that different teams on the committee – blog, events, social media and administrative – are working in sync, ideally through a committee group chat and Facebook group
  • Supporting other committee members in their roles
  • Ensuring that Girl Talk has a stall at the Freshers’ Fair and ordering merchandise
  • Organising informal committee socials to boost team morale and, particularly at the start of the year, making all committee members feel welcome and valued as members of Girl Talk
  • Listening to any concerns that committee members may have and being prepared to help if anyone is struggling with their tasks for personal reasons

Secretary and publicity

The role of secretary/publicity is:

  • Helping with the technicalities of organising events such as booking rooms and sorting equipment
  • Reaching out to new sponsors and maintaining good relationships with existing ones
  • Taking care of the girl talk bank account and reimbursements
  • Coordinating projects by updating trello boards
  • Maintaining and expanding the Girl Talk Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, working with the Blog team to ensure all blog posts are well publicized

Events Coordinator (x 2)

The events coordinators will need to be organised, creative and enthusiastic about making Girl Talk as exciting as it can be! The role is:

  • To be the driving force behind each of the events held by Girl Talk throughout the year, and planning a variety of events with help from the team (from socials to panel discussions and keynote speeches)
  • Sourcing speakers
  • Working with publicity to publicize the event
  • Being in charge of logistics on the day

Blog editor

The editor will be in charge of our successful blog. The role involves:

  • Coming up with fortnightly commissions centred around a creative theme and ensuring content is a diverse and interesting range of personal essays, art, argument or creative writing.
  • Collaborating closely with the artist in residence and interested contributors to create engaging posts for our readers

Sub-editor / Columnist

This combined role requires someone with both creativity and a good eye for detail. It is a role that is more flexible and independent than much of the student press, that the columnist can really make their own. It involves:

  • ( As sub-editor) Supporting the editor in commissioning and selecting articles, but also in the nitty gritty process of editing and uploading the articles.
  • (As columnist) Having lots to say and a clear journalistic voice.
  • Being committed to writing weekly articles centred around a theme or pertaining to the blog’s fortnightly theme.
  1.  Please submit some examples of your writing when applying for this role.

Artist in Residence

This role involves:

  • Designing publicity material (facebook cover photos for events, term-card, and any additional material)
  • Contributing illustrations/artwork to the blog and social media
  • Undertaking other design work that the committee decides (e.g. merchandise, website)

N.b. Please submit some examples of your artwork if applying for this role.

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