Girl Talk Listens: Songs We’re Not Leaving in 2017

As 2018 dawns, the committee looks back on what kept us grooving last year.

We’re just a few days into 2018 and already Lana Del Rey has blessed us with a new collaboration with Børns. For Leila (Co- Blog Editor), Lana’s “Cherry” and “Coachella” from her new album Lust for Life were the songs of 2017. “They’re nostalgic and hyper-feminine and different in tone from her previous work. The whole album came at a time where I felt like my identity was shifting and I really relate to how she describes falling in love and feeling at once young but also observing girls younger than her and almost experiencing a coming of age (specifically in “Coachella”.) Also, “Coachella” has a sort of political edge to it which I like. In general I just love everything about her voice and tone and lyrics. The album makes me feel like I’m in a super-bright blue swimming pool as well, I don’t know why. The whole thing just feels like being underwater and everything around you going super slow and the light being really soft. It makes me feel nostalgic for the summer I didn’t really have this year. Also her saying “bitch” and “fuck” at random intervals during “Cherry” was my entire approach to 2017 so ultimately the whole thing is just very relatable.”

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey, from Dazed and Confused 2017 cover edit

Nostalgia comes up a bit in our song picks; Billie Holiday’s timeless “These Foolish Things” is the song that made her year for our Artist in Residence, Grace Whorrall-Campbell. “Its blues-y swing always reminds me of this time of year. It’s a great song to unwind with – it’s kind of luxurious and it always transports me to another time and place whenever I hear it. I listened to it a lot this year and it always de-stressed me when Cambridge terms got too much.”

Xanthe (Co- Blog Editor) also talks about being transported, going for Haim’s “Want You Back”; “This is a bloody good song, but it has possibly the best music video that cinematography has created in the last decade. [A bold claim!] I’ve never been the kind of girl to learn dance routines but when Mini (as in Mini Smith, our Events Co-ordinator) and I lived together over the summer, I can safely say we mastered it inside our tiny flat. We’re yet to find the third Haim sister substitute in our routine (applicants welcome) but our walking on the spot version brings me so much joy and will be an eternal reminder of my summer in the flat with white-wash walls, creaky floorboards and Min.”

In a STUNNING display of the absolute PINNACLE of friendship, Mini also chooses a Haim song as the track of 2017; “It wasn’t until July that I finally shoved Haim into my ear canals and thirty seconds later I was hooked,” she says. “”Something to Tell You” was the gateway drug into the rest of their discography. Would recommend if you’re into worrying strangers with your incessant foot tapping and attempts to recreate the moves of their several iconic self- choreographed videos.”

Sylvie Beam.png
photo via Instagram | @eolhcsheppard

The power of music videos is another theme of our discussion. Co-Director Mishal says the video for “Power” by Joy Crookes, “moved her to tears”. “Power” was released in May, and Mishal describes the song as “transporting [me] out of a period of feeling the most helpless I ever have, into a new sense of self… this track has given me the “Power” that I needed so desperately to make it through the tail end of last year. (“I don’t need your permission. I don’t want that disease. Lurking through every finger that you pointed at me…”) I’m going into 2018 in my feelings thanks to Joy, and if you listen to her you will be too.

“This is a woman of colour’s fight song. It’s for our mothers and our daughters. It’s saying “fuck you” to the white supremacist narratives that fetishise and demonise us in a single breath.

She’s only 18 and her talent is astounding. Your ears will definitely thank you for blessing them with a voice that trickles in like honey.”

Abi (our other Co- Director) takes the music video appreciation theme to its logical EXTREME by choosing a song from an actual MOVIE- “”How Far I’ll Go” from Moana is a banger and makes me feel like I can do anything.” (Moana was released by Disney to much critical acclaim in 2016 – it makes a few good political advances – i.e. there’s been a lot of discussion about how Moana is animated in a more proportional and inclusive way than the Disney princesses of a previous time.) The soundtrack is co- authored by Lin-Manuel Miranda and we’d recommend the whole film as wholesome viewing material.

Finally, our secretary Lola finishes the round-up with “tout dit” by Camille. “The song has no instruments, and the lyrics are a poetic and feminist evocation of a religious woman in the 15th century.

“I think it’s quirky and magical and unlike anything else I’ve ever heard before.”

We’re looking forward to all 2018 has to offer us in terms of music; and all that YOU, reader, can offer us personally. If you’re interested in making or sharing a playlist that makes you feel some sorta’ way, to fit any sort of mood, we’d love to hear it! (Please contact Leila or Xanthe on to submit something to us.) We can’t wait to listen more with you.

Happy New Year!

The Girl Talk Committee

photo via Instagram | @lakeflora

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