Johanna Kinnock shares the perfect girl power party playlist to ring in the New Year. 

The New Year: a time to reflect on the past 365 days, assess your achievements and how far you’ve come. Mostly this process is painful, as you realise that you haven’t been to the gym once and make a half-hearted resolution to do it every morning next year knowing full well that come 1st January you’ll be in the foetal position using one hand to eat a kebab and the other to text your ex.

But some things are worth reflecting on, such as what 2017 was like for women. This year, it has been reiterated that some men will stop at nothing to retain power in what they deem ‘their’ spaces (Hollywood, business, politics, music and more), making it all the more impressive and refreshing that 2017 also saw lady musicians popping up left, right and centre to tell unique stories which, shock horror, aren’t always about wanting/missing/being in love with a guy. SZA sang as honestly as anything about Tinder love and its disappointments, Lorde was 20 and bloody excited to go dancing after her breakup, and St Vincent was busy doing… I don’t know what, but I digged it. Not to mention the tons of female DJs, rappers and producers sidling in loudly from the left-field and changing what it means to be an artist. Anyone who said that the ‘wokeness’ of 2016 was a ‘trend’ has been forced to admit that, at least in music, these girls and what they represent are here to stay.

So here is our New Year’s playlist spiced with 2017 hits as well as homages to all the other ladies that came before, without whom we couldn’t have made it this far. Come New Year’s Eve, put this on to be reminded that your hips don’t lie and that with every lady-shake you are paring off the patriarchy.

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