Girl Talk on Spotify: Listen up ladies!

By Louisa Richards 


This playlist celebrates the baddest and best women in music. These are the game changers, the risk takers, the innovators, the ones that put their middle fingers in the air to the patriarchy.

I have included women from across various genres all united in their common ability to push boundaries and redefine music as we know it. Starting with a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse our modern queen of soul and building up to Salt-N-Pepa – the first all female rap crew who pioneered a career in the almost entirely male dominated world of hip hop. No playlist would be complete without a nod to the singer/songwriter extraordinaires Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton, those funky disco ladiez Donna Summers and Sister Sledge (because who doesn’t love a good boogie) and the bad ass, no shit taking Joan Jett and Debbie Harry.

Put this on at the start of the night out when you’re getting ready with the gals, for celebrating on the walk when you make it to that 9am lecture or when you actually remember to go to Sainsbury’s before 5pm on Sundays.

One response to “Girl Talk on Spotify: Listen up ladies!”

  1. Jane Avatar

    Love it Louisa! Will get it on later!! Jane xx


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