By Jane O’Connor

My journey back over to Cambridge felt like a perfect summary of my process of returning here as a whole. In the first instance, Ryanair seemed to have lost my suitcase, and so I spent an hour in tears, hanging around Stansted Airport, until it mysteriously showed up on a completely different luggage belt, a wee bit scuffed but otherwise none the worse for wear.

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Aisle Style #1 : Bright lights, big supermarket

Having heard the audacious claim that ‘every walk is a catwalk’, Mini Smith and Xanthe Fuller, self-professed (and probably incorrectly) style correspondents, thought they would test this theory in every walk of life. Following a short and spontaneous brain-storm, Min and Xan took to the most obvious catwalk of all. With long strips of grey linoleum upon which one must sashay regularly and a plethora of fashionable individuals on the hunt for their daily bread, we hit the Sainsbury’s aisles to search for the tastiest style in town, and my oh my, it was tasty. Continue reading Aisle Style #1 : Bright lights, big supermarket

Grad Talk with Becca: A Different Kind of Law

While many interpret working in anything remotely corporate as ‘selling your soul’, Law graduate, Becca Naylor, shows that there’s more to a traditional Law firm than meets the eye. Having always been passionate about human rights, Becca managed to make it the subject of her everyday professional life as a full-time Pro Bono associate and Reed Smith’s Pro Bono Manager across Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Snatching a moment in an international tour (of the Reed Smith offices), Becca answered some questions for Cambridge Girl Talk. Here she discusses serendipitous school talks, hockey, and her anything but ordinary professional life. Continue reading Grad Talk with Becca: A Different Kind of Law

Summer Stories: Stress And The City

By Cecily Bain

This summer I made the fatal mistake (yet one I make every year) of thinking the next twelve weeks were going to be some kind of mind-and-body boot camp, thanks to the rose-gold glow of Instagram and its hoard of inflatable flamingo-straddling models, all of whom I forget are paid to bleach their teeth and drink shitty tea. Like every summer to date, I started this one with ambitions of returning for my third year well-read, well-dressed, and with 1% body fat. I would be living in London for two internships, and couldn’t imagine a more glamorous and grown-up setting in which I could finally emerge from my self-constructed cocoon of cake and anti-depressants.

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#summerstories: Wish [you] were here, 2017

Words and artwork by Grace Whorrall-Campbell

Holiday glimpses of summer nudity. But the naughty postcard collector has been misled; although the viewer is the voyeur, is there anything of the erotic here? Hopefully the clawed hands, creased stomach, and hair (where hair is so rarely found) are sufficient denials, but the woman out to enjoy her body on her own terms can never be so sure she will not be surprised; not that that really is so surprising.

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